How recent travel regulations in USA is affecting our tech business?

As a software development company in Canada, our staff includes Canadian immigrants who are also citizens of the countries which are recently banned or have difficulties in travelling to States. In this blog, we discuss how these regulations are affecting us. Difficulties in meeting our American clients We are proud to improve American businesses by automating their business tasks. Currently, we are doing some projects for our American clients. Therefore, our staff...

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Cube Portfolio – How to resize images?

Are you trying to resize of images on cube portfolio? Or to set the number of images to be displayed on each row? I was facing this problem and assumed others can get into the same issue so I'm going to share the solution with you. Unify App is using Cube Portfolio for their gallery. I got a screenshot from their page as below. Their Cube Portfolio has 4 images in a row.     How if we want...

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