How to convert a photo to an editable Excel file

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Microsoft has recently announced a new feature for its Excel apps on android and iOS. This feature is so efficient for people who have to save many spreadsheets daily. It just needs one click of capturing a photo with a mobile phone to receive the needed data.

In fact Microsoft is applying artificial intelligence to catch its point. With this feature, users can insert their data from pictures to each spreadsheet of an Excel file. In fact, Excel can read a picture and recognize its table data and finally convert it to data which is editable in Excel.

Why should use Image to Excel converter app?

  1. It will save your time in case of doing calculations, writing reports of projects or even analyzing old documents which has tables.
  2. You can trace your expenditures just by taking pictures of your documents, especially when there is not much time to spend in such cases.
  3. It will convert photos to Excel spreadsheets without any need to write or type them.

How to use this image converter?

That’s not hard to cope with it. It has just some simple steps:

  1. Select the image which you want to convert. You can choose a JPG file from your phone or take new image right there. In order to take a new picture, choose “Scan a document” option. By then, this app uses your camera to scan a new document. It’s better to choose a readable picture like printed one. Handwritten documents may not have a successful conversion.
How to select images in the Image to Excel converter app
Step 1

2. Crop the part of the image which you need to convert.

how to crop the part of the image you need to convert in the Image to Excel converter app
Step 2

3. Then you just have to wait for the conversion to finish.

File is converting in the Image to Excel converter app
Step 3


4. Now the spreadsheet is ready, the editable version of your document.

the final editable spreadsheet in the Image to Excel converter app
Step 4


Image to Excel main features:

  1. It has a perfect output when converting photos (JPG, screenshots, captured and scanned ones).
  2. There are no limits in case of file size.
  3. It is possible to convert many files as much as you want.
  4. Converted files are allowed to be shared.
  5. The format of output document is in .xlsx and it is editable.
  6. You can crop and convert the part of image which is needed.

This new idea from Microsoft is what most people was looking for during many years. Maybe there would be many other features using AI to recognize images to help us in the near future.

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