As a software development company in Canada, our staff includes Canadian immigrants who are also citizens of the countries which are recently banned or have difficulties in travelling to States. In this blog, we discuss how these regulations are affecting us.

Difficulties in meeting our American clients

We are proud to improve American businesses by automating their business tasks. Currently, we are doing some projects for our American clients. Therefore, our staff might have to take frequent trips to States. With the new limitations of travelling to States for citizens of some countries, our staff  with dual citizenship might not be able to make a safe trip for business meetings. This will lower our efficiency.

Uncertainty about the future

US travel regulations were being changed for last few weeks; therefore, we are uncertain about the future that what other travel limitations to States can threaten our business and our American clients’ business. With this uncertainty, we face difficulties in business planning which is a crucial item for a successful business. Planning with uncertainty and high degree of error, we cannot come up with more accurate and detailed road plan.
Removing our staff

We will regret if our only choice to be removing our Canadian staff who are also citizens of countries having difficulty in traveling to States. This will be against our Canadian values to remove our staff because of their nationality. We would like to make our business more successful and make more jobs instead of removing our existing jobs.

In conclusion, recent travel limitations in States are not only creating challenges for us in meeting and doing business with our American clients but also make our future with some degree of uncertainty. At worst case, removing our Canadian staff might be the only solution but this is against our Canadian values. We value doing business with our American clients and our hope is that these limitations to be temporary and we could continue our relationship with American companies.

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