As a software development company, we value our time and understand how maximizing a meeting efficiency is valuable. In this article, we listed 10 methods to achieve this.

  1. Only discuss one topic at a time in a meeting.
  2. Always have everyone taking notes.
  3. Know before hand what the reason for the meeting is and what needs to be discussed.
  4. Don’t to use the meeting times to come up with solution but rather discuss solutions that have been developed before hand.
  5. Time the meetings and keep it time-bound.
  6. Practice good meeting manners, such as:
    1. listen to the person talking
    2. don’t repeat the same thing over and over
  7. Prepare for meetings.
  8. Always come up with action plans at the end of meetings.
  9. Have one person run a meeting.
  10. If you call a meeting, define the reason, purpose and what needs to be accomplished before hand.

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