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Mail services are one of the most important tools for users in order to deal with their business and that is why IT departments utilizing their resources to offer exceptional email services for their users. Email migration is the process of moving mailboxes, contacts and calendar from one account to another account to offer users better email service experience. I will discuss why IT team of an organization invest their time and money in order to perform email migration.

Offering handy calendars and contacts, accessing to higher quota and providing user friendly webmail which is accessible through cellophane and tablet are the motivation for IT department of organizations to set a budget for the email migration project. Email migration usually involves switching to new email hosting provider which offers facilities that increase the productivity of users leading to higher profitability of an organization.  Obviously, no organization wants to fail its business because of an email service provider who does not keep up with up to date technology.

Besides webmail, email clients such as Microsoft office outlook and Apple mail can boost productivity of users. Email clients let users manage multiple accounts in one email client. Moreover, it offers multifunctional calendars that are sharable to other users with different permission levels or roles. In addition, mail clients allow users creating multiple folders in mailboxes and contacts and etc. These appealing features of email clients motivate email migration team to install email client locally on users’ computers, cell phones and other devices.

Within an organization users may have access to both personal and generic account. Personal accounts can be very big for some users. Nowadays POP protocol is outdated and IMAP become more popular. Since IMAP protocol require mail servers to have bigger space in order to keep the copy of each email with its content, bigger quota would be more essential. Moreover, generic account takes up more spaces in mail servers in general since it is a shared mailbox accessible to multiple users. That is why the higher quota results in better user experience with mail services.

In order to increase feature of mail services, nowadays connectors such as Zimbra connectors adds up to feature of webmail and client email. They add more features to calendars for example you can view busy free time of other users within an organization  through calendars,  also users would have access to all staffs’ contact information through Global Address List.

Email archiving is also one of the services that are provided by email hosting companies. Email archiving is the process of preserving emails. In case if you delete emails through webmail or client mails, you can retrieve it from email Archive. Also email archive can be used in case users are out of quota and since archive has much bigger spaces, it can be used as an alternative.

All in all, having the ability to share calendars, different permission level on shared calendars and mailboxes, creating different folders and managing them, ability to filter emails, ability to send out of office emails, managing signatures and etc. can be resulted from email migration.

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