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Interactive websites are a smart choice if not the smartest choice yet.

As website design has been evolving, adding elements of interactivity to websites has become a trend. Web designers are looking for original ideas and new ways to captivate users by creating cool, interactive environments in websites and apps.  As a result, users have become a focal point in interactive website design. 

We are going to share with you some of the main points considered in the process of designing an interactive website. We will also explore the advantages of interactive websites. 

First Key Steps in Building an Interactive Website

Consider these factors when creating an interactive website:

Analyze User Behavior

When you intend to develop a website, you need to attract people to your services or products who would eventually become your customers; In order to do that, you should be aware of users’ preferences and profiles. Finding users is a lot of work, but converting them into a customer is the greater goal. Therefore, it’s important to have a prior understanding of the users.

Nevertheless, Interactive design has created interfaces with functions and features that would provide more information  about the users. Getting a more precise view of your users can help you  present relevant information, make sites more engaging, delightful and improve user experience.

Define Your Purpose

The underlying thing you need to pay attention to while designing a website is the intention behind your website so that you can have a plan that fits the purpose. For instance, you might be aiming to expand your business, share your expertise, introduce a new product or even create a portfolio. It is as if you are setting foot on a journey. Where does this journey start, end and how are you going to get through it. 

In an interactive design, the designer uses a variety of tools and tactics, such as software, coding, modules, content, and layout, to create a setting for the users that is truly dynamic and requires their participation and contribution. That’s why you need to define a purpose and prepare a scheme. 

Five Areas of Interactive Design

In interactive designs, we are looking for ease of communication; we don’t want a design that would confuse the user. Convenience and top performance are important features you should take into account when you are designing a website. The user basically needs to access and exchange data with ease and come back for more.

Bob Baxley believes that in interactive design, the focus is on the following factors: The first factor is ‘Human-machine communication,’ where efficiency and ease of communication are its fundamental elements. Secondly, there is the ‘Action-reaction’ dyad, which is said to be at the core of an interactive design. The designer is supposed to be aware of various action-reaction combinations, anticipate users’ reactions and be able to produce a design based on them. The third factor is ‘State’ which points to the current state of the application and the communication state, which should be understandable for the user in an interactive design.  ‘Workflow’ is the fourth factor and suggests that the user simply goes through different integrated stages to complete a task in an interactive design. The final factor,‘Malfunction,’ is about the designer’s role in predicting and mitigating any communication problems that may occur, so that the system would quickly recover.   

In essence, there is an action and reaction between the user and the website, a form of communication, which requires mutual understanding. The secret is to make a balance among the above factors. Such interaction or communication between humans and technology can come with different levels of complexity. 

InteractiveWebsite Essentials

Suitable Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name makes it easier for the website to achieve success and strengthens its foundation. To select a suitable domain name, you can consult your business team or other experts to pick the best domain name for your brand; for instance, you could consider these points:

  • Easy to memorize
  • Easy to type
  • Be brief, avoid using long names

Professional Hosting

Simply put, web hosting is like buying or renting a connection to a server where you can store your information. All your website data (such as site builder files, images, etc.) is placed on a server and can be viewed online. The companies that provide you with that space on a server and other relevant services are known as web hosts or web hosting companies. Speed, proper configuration, and security are considered important items when looking for reliable web hosting services.  

Website Speed

Interactive design elements might slow down the website’s load speed. Even if you have a superbly designed interactive website, visitors might leave when it takes too long to load. So, make sure the website performance is optimized. Boosting website speed has proven to increase user satisfaction and conversion rate.  

Responsive Website Design

A responsive site can adapt and be displayed on different devices with various screen sizes, resolutions, and ratios. To view the website’s content, the user doesn’t need to zoom in on the page or use left and right scrolling. 

Since an increasing number of users view websites on their mobile devices, responsive websites have become a practical necessity. Not forgetting that mobile-friendliness is one of the factors in search engine ranking. 

Interactive Website Design Benefit

You are probably looking for different means to level up your business or expertise. You want to make a strong online presence and establish a place in your niche. Well, you are in the right place because interactive websites have been an attractive option for marketers and firms. Let’s explore the advantages of interactive sites.   

Bounce Rate Reduction: 

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of users who leave the webpage without any engagement. When the site tempts the user to interact and display the necessary information quickly enough, the user is encouraged to spend more time and be actively engaged. 

A period of 10 to 30 seconds can be enough to present the page’s content and attract the audience.

Two-Way Communication: 

Two-way communication is at the heart of interactive design and inevitably enhances the user experience. This means that the user is directly communicating with your business and vice versa. The connection can make all the difference for you. Here are some of the elements for this type of interactivity :

  • Live online chat 
  • User Forum
  • Standalone module for email
  • Support forms
  • 24-hour telephone support
  • Polls and voting

Of course, there are creative, customized ways to facilitate this type of communication and make it more simultaneous.

User Conversion and Loyalty: 

An interactive website gives a different impression compared to a static website. These types of websites are a lot more enjoyable and absorbing for users. Visitors are captivated as they browse through the content and enjoy taking part in the interaction. 

Research shows that interactive websites increase user loyalty and retention, making you stand out in the competitive market. In fact, users are more likely to complete the operation and return to do business with you. This will have a direct effect on your website’s conversion rate. 

Personalization and Shareability:

You have the liberty of personalizing your website to your customers’ taste. Your business could use the data obtained from the interactions, encouraging prospects to spend a sufficient amount of time on your website and maintain a flow. Tracing users’ interaction can help you provide highly relevant services, products, and content. This cycle helps develop your business and expertise, providing further support and customization. 

These interactive elements make your website more shareable and help you increase your website traffic. It goes without saying that when others find your website amusing and entertaining, they will not only get engaged but also share it with a smile on their face. That’s how a well-designed interactive website works.

We live in a world of constant change, a world where means of communication and exchange are transforming and developing rapidly. We are interlocking the old with the new and coming up with practical approaches to expand our business or establish better institutions. Creating an interactive website could be a turning point for your business, profession, or organization and a wise investment. Our talented team at BSUPERIOR SYSTEM LTD. offers custom software development to small and medium-sized businesses. We are focused on helping our clients reach success in their business by providing smart solutions.

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