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Barter & Inventory APP

Our expert web app developers built a web application to manage a barter company’s data that exchanges goods and services within their organization and among other businesses. The app also includes inventory management.

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Why Barter App?

Why barter app?

Some businesses are involved in barter trades, and have subsidiaries that, in addition to trading with other companies, carry out financial and commodity transactions between their subsidiaries. The high volume and properties of these transactions make them complex and difficult to manage.

Who can use the Barter App?

Who can use the Barter App?

The Barter application is intended for businesses with different types of inventories and a variety of contracts and transactions and those interested in barter trade among the departments of their own organization or other organizations.

Barter Inventory Data Management

The Barter & Inventory application is intended to manage the data of companies who exchange goods and service among their departments or with other businesses, such as:

  • Contract info
  • Suppliers of inventory
  • The value and actual cost of exchanged goods
  • Clients (buyers of inventory)
  • Sold, traded and purchased goods
  • Internal currencies used within organizations
  • Track of traded inventories
  • Employees and users
Barter Inventory Data Management

Benefits to the Business

We designed a web application to manage the inventories and barter transactions, step by step, based on customer requirements.


Clients can view a report of their inventories, activities, cost of goods and market value, and data summary. The reports are generated on a regular timely basis, such as monthly and yearly. And they can be exported to Excel or PDF.

Track of traded inventory

In a regular sale, an inventory item is sold for a monetary value. However, in a barter system, inventory items are exchanged. Our application follows the barter structure and tracks the market value and the actual cost of items.

Elimination of human error

Human error is a risk when employees perform a set of complex tasks manually, such as cost and profit calculation. The barter application is robust in calculating barter data.

Barter App Breakdown

Generally, a barter application manages the inventories, sales, purchases, traded goods, etc. by using the modules below,

  • Transaction management system
    • In this application, barter companies can manage the inventory, barter trades, purchase, and sale in the form of contracts. Additionally, they can manage transactions and filter them based on their details and analyze information based on reports.
  • Dashboard
    • A dashboard displays user-defined short reports such as data of specific business transactions or the latest transaction information
  • Setting
    • In the setting page, a user can manage
      • Inventory Items
      • Inventory Categories
      • Clients
      • Currencies
      • Divisions
      • Industries
      • Users
  • Contracts
    • A contract includes the suppliers' data and the info of the party that the contract is signed with. It also contains the data of the inventory items being sold, traded or purchased, the source of inventory, and the buyers.
  • Reports
    • Different reports are generated, such as reports on inventories, transactions, and activities which can be exported to Excel and PDF.
  • Charts
    • The application also populates charts such as pie charts to present the data visually.

Requirement Gathering of Barter Application

We spent several months analyzing the needs of our client. Their business was very special, and we found no application for meeting their business needs. We began to learn specific parts of the business, which was a kind of barter trade between its subsidiaries. We focused on their workflow and goals and parts of their work process that needed improvement. Once we gained a deeper insight, we documented the requirements as the software requirements specification. We are well pleased to have managed to build a web application meeting their business needs and the documented requirements.

Requirement Gathering of Barter Application

Technical Side of Web Application

We used the following the tech stack in the app development,

  • Laravel framework for the back-end
  • MySQL Database
  • Vue.js framework for the front-end

Performance is one of our concerns in the application, so we reduced the calculation time, request and response time and rendering to be as fast as possible.

We also have a scheduled plan for updating the application framework and dependencies (both front-end and back-end) which makes it up to date and more stable and secure. Please note we can provide a maintenance package for your servers, as we have for our clients.

For the app error reporting, we used Sentry, which helps the development team to see what’s happening inside the code if there is something wrong.

  • Also, there is a dedicated logging system, which takes logs of different actions on the DB records which is a great history of what happened over time.



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