Fuel Card Reseller Management App

Our expert, web app developers, created an application to manage a fuel card provider's data regarding the resell of fuel cards with premium discounts.

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Web App Feature

A fuel card reseller company requested an app to enhance their business workflow. Due to a large number of cards sold to each customer, our client needed a centralized system to manage data.

We developed a web app that calculates the daily fuel cost, based on the base prices set by the suppliers, as well as the percentage of the profit margin defined for each cardholder; these daily prices are reported to cardholders in Excel and PDF files. Given the complexity and volume of these calculations, it is extremely difficult and time-consuming to calculate them manually, without a problem.

The app also generates invoices and emails them to cardholders. It produces financial reports and exports data to Excel. Our Excel consultants created additional reports and charts on Excel.

Data Management

The app is intended to manage data of a fuel card reseller company, such as

  • Clients info and documents
  • Fuel cards
  • Gas prices
  • Location of gas pumps
  • Invoices
  • Fuel products
  • Candian and US tax rates
  • Rack prices
  • Daily gas prices
  • Employees and salespersons
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Benefits to the Business

How did the app benefit our client?

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Structured data

We designed a web application to manage the selling process of fuel cards step by step based on our client requirements. Their data is organized in a pre-defined format in the app.

Best Human error elimination

Human error is a risk when employees perform a set of complex tasks manually. But the web application as the solution follows a specified workflow that eliminates human error.

Automatic complex calculations

Complex calculations are performed automatically by the system based on user-defined conditions, and the outputs are generated.

App Breakdown

Generally, the fuel card management system helps the fuel card reseller company in managing their data such as clients, cards, fees, and invoices. We developed the following modules

Client account

Client accounts include general information of the customers who purchase the fuel cards, such as business info, contacts, credit info, documents and rack prices


The app tracks the cardholders' usage of cards and generates invoices accordingly, and periodically emails them to the customers, based on their spending. The invoices are available in both Excel and PDF format and include card spending summary and the transaction breakdown of cards.

Price advice

The app receives raw gas price data from suppliers and updates the fuel price for each cardholder, based on their rack price. Then it generates price advice files, which include the price of gas for each cardholder. The price advice files are emailed to cardholders on a daily basis.

Card management

The list of fuel card suppliers is stored in the system. Each fuel card has a card number, expiry date and unit number, which is linked to a cardholder.

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Requirements Documenting, Prototyping, and UX

This process involved a set of activities including:


Requirements elicitation or requirement gathering: Extracting business needs through client meetings and asking questions about business details to understand user needs. We needed to know what was IN scope and what was OUT of scope.


Documentation: documenting information in the form of scenarios, functions and feature specifications in an acceptable form by the client and the development team.


Prototyping: making a prototype for every section, then determining the gaps between stakeholder’s needs and any existing product we had in mind.


Comparison: comparing the prototype with the requirement document before presenting it to the client.


UX Designing: Editing the prototype by focusing on the user experience principles and finalizing them through the presentation session for the client. In fact, at this point, we were implementing CX (Client experience) as well.

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Technical Side of Web Application

We used the following technologies in the app development

  • Laravel PHP Framework
  • MySQL Database
  • Redis Database
  • Single Page App (SPA)
  • Vue.js Framework
  • Superior UI Framework



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