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We have developed an automated commission management application software. Our web application can calculate simple and the most complex tiered commission structures. Our software is designed to save you time and money as well as increase your sales efficiency by integrated custom reports and sales tracking system. It provides you the information about the status of the transaction, pipelines, managing staff and allows you to customize and track information.

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About web application

Tiered Commission Management & Sales Tracking Software

Manage numbers and information by transforming them into reports that are easy to understand and help boost your sales.

Instant Calculator

Instant Calculator

Once a transaction is entered, all commissions whether simple or most complex Tiered structures will be calculated along with all other financial information instantly.

Generate Reports

Generate Reports

Generate user friendly Reports that will help your business increase sales and boost efficiency. Our custom reports will represent information visually using charts and tables.

Work Anywhere

Work Anywhere

Never miss any sales information again. Access sales and commission information from anywhere, anytime.

Manage Sales

Manage Sales

Manage and track sales team and their pipeline status. As well as your team can enter and manage their sales and pipelines.

Commission management system benefits

One time used — Use forever Application

Once you use our application once and experience the benefits. you will never want go back to your old ways.

Custom Tiered commission levels

Define tier tables with your desired percentage amounts and levels. Assign your staff to each table individually.

Transaction Status Tracking

Define and customize Commission structure and percentage for each team member individually or as a group.

Financial Accuracy

Get notified if the amount you paid to your staff is different from the calculated amount. Mismatch in the amounts could significantly reduce the accuracy in your financial data.

Time Saving

Our past experience proved that this application saved 20 hours on average in calculating tier-based commissions for our clients.

Get rid of Paper & Excel

Our application replaces unnecessary paper and Excel based work. Instead of looking for paper and Excel files all around, centralize your data.

Visual & PDF Reports

This application helps you to understand your business values visually and creates printable reports for each transaction.

Transaction Management Page

Necessity of commission calculator system

Developed based on Real Needs

We have created a custom fit commission and sales management system by understanding our client's business and needs.

Fully Customizable

When you work with BSUPERIOR SYSTEM LTD., you don't buy a product off the shelf. Our team works with you until we have a product that is made just for you. we help you to customize your application and your commission structure and your tier tables.

Customizable Add-on

You can add-on new functions to your Commission and sales Management system at any point. Also you can integrate it with your existing CRM and other systems.

Why our commission management application

Fit for Your Requirements

When we deliver our application to you, it is build for you and to fit your needs.

Other tier-based commission calculators are part of a bigger accounting application which requires you to buy the whole software. whereas, our application is customed to this specific need.
We can add more features upon your feedback and request.
Get your existing data uploaded to the application and also the data stored in your application database can be exported.
This application can be connected to your CRM and exchange data such as the contacts information, anniversaries and important dates.
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Application screens

How Commission Calculator Software Works

Microsoft Excel

Tiered Commission & Sales Calculator in Excel

Are you more comfortable with Excel than web application? Then try our Excel version of commission management/calculator system.

Subtransaction, Agent and Office Management


Have some problems with commission management application?

This section lists out frequently asked questions regarding this tiered commission calculator software.

What is tiered commission management system?

This is basically a web application which manages commission based transactions such as property transactions in real estate sectors. The software calculates what percentage of the fee is paid to employee or agent and what percentage is left as company income. It also generates visual reports and charts to describe your company financials.

Who can use this web application?

Any company with tiered level commission system such as realtors (real estate agencies) can use this web application to manage their commission based transaction.

How can I set tier levels in the web application?

We provided a section on the software in which you can add tier tables. In each tier table, you could also identify tier levels, their range and commission value.

Does the web application generate reports?

The commission calculator software generates reports and charts. The reports can get exported to PDF or printed. We can setup custom reports and charts based on your requests.

What roles this web application support?

There are three role divisions including, admin, regular agent and commission management. Admin has access to all data. Regular agent has access to their own data that they already submitted. Commission manager can view and edit the list of sellers and buyers involved in property transactions.

How users can login to the tiered commission management application?

A domain name will be setup for your users. They can login thru their browser.

How users can register?

Only admin can add users to the application and set their role.

What level of security is applied?

This web application is accessible only thru VPN. with a VPN connection, all data is secured and safely transmitted to server and database.

Can I connect this web application to my CRM or my other software?

Yes, we can setup a secure connection between the commission application and your CRM. They can communicate and sync the data.

Do we provide support and maintenance?

Yes, we have different support and maintenance packages for technical and even training support. Please contact us to review our packages.

Can we make updates on the web application based on your needs?

Of course, we do. We gather your requirements and provide you a custom solution package and update the web application accordingly.

Answers to your questions

Please let us know your questions regarding our tiered commission based management software.

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