Progressive Web Application Development Services

Progressive Web Application Development Services

As a PWA development company, we design and develop custom, multi-functional, responsive, and secure apps that comply with the latest standards.

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Why PWAs?

PWA is the headmost solution that comes to mind when it comes to creating fast, reliable, and expandable apps running on the web. Relying on PWA for business-specific requirements has exploded in popularity in recent years, and most of the famous services we know, like Twitter, Pinterest, and Alibaba, are using PWA to meet their demands.

Web App vs. PWA vs. Native App

Web App vs. PWA vs. Native App

Native apps provide some real benefits, and they have conquered a significant share of the market. However, there are some downsides to them, such as, less flexibility and costly development, which might put businesses in a dilemma. Native apps also require a specific operating system environment, which means you can't run an Android application on an iOS device unless you download the iOS version from the App Store.

Web Apps, on the other hand, are cross-platform and do not require a particular operating system to run, and they work on any browser, regardless of the screen size. All updates can be done instantly so as not to disrupt daily operations.

Web Apps are expandable and can support the growing number of users’ demands. And also highly customizable, any function can be added, removed, or modified according to your needs to help you deliver a customized experience. Progressive Web Apps have advantages of Web Apps, but also provide some benefits of Native apps.

Advantages of Progressive Web Applications

Being installable

Install PWAs and launch them from the home screen just like a native app.

Ability to operate offline

Users can consume content without an internet connection once they have downloaded the app.

Discoverability by search engines

Promote PWAs at search engines and allow more users to find and use them.

Looks like native apps

PWAs can look and feel just like native apps and they share many features in common.

Sending notifications

You can engage and interact with users through push notifications and let them know about breaking news.

Running in the background using service workers

Service workers are fundamental for PWA features and help to create a better background sync.

Accessing to native features

PWAs may take advantage of the hardware on a device, like sensors, media capture (using the camera or microphone), vibration, geolocation, navigation, device motion and position, gyroscope, Bluetooth, USB, etc.

Excellent Performance

The performance of a PWA is highly optimized to deliver a user-friendly environment


PWAs use HTTPS protocol to protect users’ information in transition.

Short Loading Times

PWA has a fast loading time, which leads to reduced bounce rates and more time-on-site.

Progressive Web App Development for Ecommerce

Although mobile devices generate a significant amount of traffic, the mobile may not be able to meet the expectations when it comes to conversion rate. Responsive web design and developing mobile apps are both standard solutions for eCommerce purposes, but for those looking to combine the responsiveness of RWD and stability of native apps, Progressive Web Application development must be taken more seriously.

Progressive Web App Development for Ecommerce

How PWA Drive Success for Business

Here are the benefits that Progressive Web Application development services bring to eCommerce:

  • Improving conversion rate and user engagement.
  • Making the website Google-friendly.
  • Availability for more customers through a variety of devices.
  • Increasing the ROI through improved product discovery and reinforcing purchase.
  • Ability to send push notifications.

Your Dedicated PWA Development Company at Vancouver

At BSUPERIOR SYSTEM, we use cutting-edge technologies to develop Progressive Web Apps for clients. The PWAs created by our expert PWA developers run smoothly and are compatible with any device. Developing a PWA for you is as simple as making a call to our experts. Don't hesitate to drop us a line!

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