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At BSUPERIOR SYSTEM LTD. we specialize in providing custom web design to enhance user experience and create tangible revenue growth. We design websites that are tailored to your business goals and consult you through the whole process.


Creating website prototypes is useful in many ways. Most importantly, a prototype allows a user to interact with the website almost as it would behave when built.


UX consultants take the logistics a step further to help companies create great experiences for their users. They specialize in digital strategy, content strategy, social media strategy, search marketing, user experience design and information architecture development.


The user interface design of your site plays a crucial role in bringing high volume web traffic to it. This means that it is important for any web designer to design functional sites that can easily generate interest and online traffic among the internet users.

I have been working with BSUPERIOR team on various projects over the last 4 years. It started with a complex mathematical problem and a simple spreadsheet. Their team always surprises me with their skills and passion for their work. They really work hard to ensure projects meet the business criteria and solve the business problems they need to. I will continue working with them to improve the business systems of our company.

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Custom website design is the process of creating a unique web page to suit an individual, topic or brand’s certain requirements. It’s everything from layout to user experience.

We create custom website design with strategic insight to generate better brand engagement and higher conversions. By leveraging the overall direction of your business goals, we’re able to provide your brand with the tools to perform, rank within search engines, and adapt to platforms such as mobile, tablet and desktop. Your internet success starts with a professional coded web site. All of our web clients receive optimized search engine ready web sites.

Custom Web Design
  • Single page websites
  • Landing pages
  • SEO friendly
  • Step by step design
Custom Web Design


Prototyping is hugely beneficial in the design process as it allows us to save a lot of time early on in a web project. A website prototype is essentially a high-fidelity visual version of the site that allows you to link between screens and show how the website would work before.

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A Wireframe is an extremely important phase of the web development process. Before you see the results and traffic of your website through reports, step back and create a website that is user-friendly and well designed.


Prototypes are an advanced wireframe with more visual detail and interaction. When people talk about a prototype they are referring to an interactive prototype of some kind which allows users to navigate from page to page and use functionality such as drop-down menus.


A User Experience Consultant works with a range of businesses on developing digital strategies and implementation of initiatives that balance customer needs with business objectives. Often when auditing a website, issues are identified which a UX consultant could address in a variety of ways. The best solution is not always immediately apparent and so different approaches need testing. Our team will often build a prototype for their clients on which they can carry out usability testing and work with clients to create design systems.
Creating a great user experience does not happen overnight, and organizations will not achieve it just by improving the user interface. Organizations need a strategy to make this possible. We help organizations draw up these strategies. That involves a lot of research, meeting with stakeholders and understanding the business before they even start. We will draw up a long-term vision for a company user experience and a roadmap that outlines what needs to be done to reach that goal. That set of recommendations becomes the organization's strategy.
Of course, we never finish our digital services. They are always evolving and improving. We are continually seeking to increase conversion and provide a better experience.

UX Consulting
  • UX Design
  • Strategy
  • Research
UX Consulting


User interface (UI) design is the process of making interfaces in software or computerized devices with a focus on looks or style. Designers aim to create designs users will find easy to use and pleasurable. UI design typically refers to graphical user interfaces but also includes others. Good UI design facilitates making the completion of tasks as frictionless as possible and increasing usability.
Development can be a long and drawn out process, so a UX/UI Designer must always make sure that the design conforms to usability and user experience standards throughout iterations.
UX/UI Designers, despite the amount of research and knowledge required, is a creative role, and the best way to present yourself is through a portfolio. Being able to show your influence from wireframes to final design is key in this role, as your work may not be immediately apparent from the final piece.


Jim Pattison - Inventory Web Application Client
Excel/VBA Client
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Client for Excel Customization
Client for Excel Customization
Client for Excel Customization
MS Excel Vancouver Client
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Client for Excel Automation
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Microsoft Excel is widely used for business data management. Our services include automation of Microsoft Excel by Macro/VBA programming. Through automation, a click of a button can save you tons of time and reduce the risk of human error.


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