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FAQ – Pablo Guadi, Jewelry WordPress Template

In this blog we answer some of the questions regarding Pablo Guadi, a Jewelry WordPress Template, version 1.1. Q: How to change services on the home page? The default home page contains these services, WEDDING JEWELRY, CUSTOM DESIGN, NEW COLLECTION. Answer: The home page services are listed in “Services” page (it’s on dashboard menu).  Find…

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Tiered-Based Commission Management & Sales Tracking Software

A demo of the application is available on our tiered-based commission software page. Commission management system is a web application developed by BSUPERIOR SYSTEM LTD. in order to calculate the tiered-based commission paid to your agents. We primary built this software for real estate industry; however, it can be used…

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Why your Business needs to start collecting Data right away?

Data analysis is number 1 requirement to start any data driven project. When BSUPERIOR SYSTEM wants to create application by using data, we need to make sure that it is good enough and it is big enough data. What does it mean? In this article, we will go through some…

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Server & Network Security Practices in Our Web Applications

bSuperior System Ltd. builds custom web applications and security is a key factor in our developing process. How to make our web application more secure is in our frequently asked question list. We use the following server and network securities in our application development and deployment. And we recommend any other…

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What is Machine Learning and How does it relate to small business?

What is Machine Learning? Machine Learning can be viewed as developing an application with minimum programming. Everyday apps that user use on their phones, Tablets and laptops developed in the following process: Someone come up with idea for the application. S/He call someone who can do programming (write his idea…

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